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HOW TO Porting on demand

Lorenzo Rolvink
Number porting

1     Porting on demand

Porting on Demand will contribute to increased efficiency in phone number portability. Porting on Demand is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction of switching provider and to reduce operational costs of phone number portability. This is achieved by creating a customer friendly and efficient porting process.

With Porting on Demand our resellers and costumers get ‘in control’ of the porting process. The porting process becomes faster, flexible, and on demand. The porting process can be completed within shorter time-frames, e.g. 15 minutes.

Today’s business practice of bundling of services requires further integration of processes. Porting on Demand results in a more generic porting process, which enables further integration of porting and switching processes, and helps to streamline IT and other processes.


1.1     Regulation

With Porting on Demand, operators also anticipate on expected regulation; 

  • All end-users will have the right to terminate their contract with one-month notice after tacit contract renewal from October 1st 2016 onward. With explicit customer consent, the one-month notice period may be extended to a maximum of three months.

  • Results of the current evaluation and review of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services, e.g. on decoupling of portability and ongoing contract, and porting execution in one day.



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